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You Do You | Really Little Wins

This is one of my favourite things to say these days.

I find it to be increasing relevant and important and poignant and more and more I’ve started to think,

“Isn’t this basically the only thing?”

We spend so much of our time and our energy focused on what everyone else is doing. What are they eating? What are the wearing? What are they watching?

And it’s rarely because we want to explore or we want to connect.

Instead, it’s usually that we want to know what they’re doing so that we can judge them or criticise them or tear them down.

Recently, a new social media platform popped up. There’s nothing that novel about this, except this one seemed to gain a little momentum. It had been around for a few years, kept mostly under wraps but recently went from #556 to #1 on the app store in a very short period. It’s gone from a few hundred thousand users to 3 million in a matter of weeks.

But this post isn’t about whether or not you should be on VERO or whether or not you shouldn’t be on VERO.

This post is about why you care.

I joined VERO for a few reasons.

I found that there was a lot of negativity on Twitter. While I felt that this was important, to know and understand what was happening in the world, specifically from those that are silenced on “normal platforms”. But the hatred can be overwhelming.

I really like a lot of features that VERO offers, from chronological feeds to being free from ads to some interesting categorizing and content management.

But whether you’re on VERO, or not on VERO, let me say something.

You do you.

I do not, and cannot, understand why people are spending so much time bashing a social media platform.

Criticisms have ranged from accusations that the CEO defrauded 9k workers and left them homeless (since mostly debunked by Forbes) to concerns that it’s a Russian propaganda tool because the programmers are all Russian (this is a stretch) to concerns that the vast majority of the employees are men…ok…I’ll agree that I don’t love that one.

So sure, there are reasons for you to personally choose not to use VERO. But what are the reasons to spend your time and energy actively criticizing the company and those that use it.

I GUESS… you do you?

I’m not here to suggest that we should not question, or criticize or investigate. Not at all. That should be the primary focus of our lives.

But the end goal needs to be, in each of these cases, growth.

And I don’t see people hating on VERO because they’re looking to grow. I see it as an attempt to shrink others so that we seem larger.

Don’t do this.

It’s not worth your time.


You do you.