I mean that with all seriousness.

This isn’t a dig. It’s not meant to be an insult and I ain’t mad at ya.

But who in the hell do you think you are?

I was chatting with a potential client/partner (I need to come up with another name for all these incredible people that are going to pay me and I’m going to pay them and we’re going to make beautiful things together) and we started talking about grammar.

She explained to me that she felt like she needed someone to edit her work because her grammar isn’t everything that it could be.

I told her that a million people have told me that there’s something terrible about my writing.


I honestly don’t care.

I’ve introduced my writing to my audience as being raw and personal. I rarely, if ever, edit my own work. Don’t worry clients, I edit yours.

I have a podcast. I record it on the road and the audio quality could be significantly better.


I honestly don’t care.

My content is raw and it’s me and it’s everything that I am and everything I want to be and if that’s not good enough for people or they don’t like the fact that I occasionally misuse a comma or I don’t perfectly understand farther or further, then I don’t really care.

I care A LOT about what people think about me. I wish that I didn’t.

But I do.

And that’s ok because even though I worry about what people think about me, at the same time I know that at the core, whether or not people like me has little to no bearing on whether or not I’m going to do anything different.

Great artists (and to be fair, I’m not suggesting that I’m a great artist) have to show themselves through in whatever they do. The best actors in the world, are still themselves, even when they’re themselves being someone else.

Understand that at your core, you’re you.

In the words of Bagger Vance;

He got a lot of shots he could choose from… Duffs and tops and skulls, there’s only ONE shot that’s in perfect harmony with the field… One shot that’s his, authentic shot, and that shot is gonna choose him… There’s a perfect shot out there tryin’ to find each and every one of us… All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us…

You can spend all of your time trying to be somebody else or you can answer the question;

Who in the hell do you think you are?