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What’s The Difference Between a Lion and a Sloth | Really Little Wins

At first glance, these are very different creatures. Sure, they’re both mammals. They’ve got hair. And teeth. and you might think that that’s about it when it comes to things they have in common.

You’d be wrong.

There’s something very important that a sloth and a lion have in common.

They sleep about the same amount. In fact, a lion sleeps more than a sloth.

A lion sleeps around 20 hours a day. A sloth? 18.

Why does any of this matter?

Very often, when I’m working with a client, we talk about how much time they have. Many people believe that they just don’t have enough time to get things done. And it’s true. We live hectic, insanely busy lives. Parents are shuttling kids between gymnastics and karate and bedtime and school. Employees go from meeting to meeting and task to task, eating lunch on the run or not at all and supplementing rest with caffeine or worse.

I recently spoke with a friend who started a new job and was “shocked” to find that they expected him to take…wait for it…his WHOLE lunch…without working.

This is the world we live in.

But remember, this isn’t about our busy schedules and our hectic lives.

It’s about the lion and the sloth.

There’s a reason that we don’t call one of the seven deadly sins “lion”. We call it “sloth”. We call it that because when sloths are NOT sleeping, they’re doing absolutely nothing. Every few weeks they defecate and lose 1/3 their body weight. That’s what sloths do.

Lions hunt. Lions eat. Lions are the kings and queens of the jungle.

Lions don’t watch Game of Thrones. They don’t drink craft beer and they rarely listen to sports podcasts.

Lions hunt.

There’s nothing wrong with making time for yourself, time for your family and time for your community. That’s not what it’s about. In fact, making time for these things is incredibly important to your personal well being.

But notice I didn’t say “take”. I said “make”.

I watch TV. I play board games. I read. I play video games.

I’m not saying I’m a lion. And I’m not saying I’m a sloth.

I think that we all have aspects of both animals within us.

So the next time that you don’t feel like getting up and hunting, ask yourself this;

“Am I a lion or a sloth?”