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What’s A Blog Anyways? | Really Little Wins
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I work with some pretty cool people. I’ve worked with astrologers, HR professionals, marketers, illustrators, photographers and social change makers. They’re all pretty awesome and the thing I love most about them is that none of them is a template. What do I mean by that? Well, while it would be easy sometimes to apply a “here’s what I do for astrologists” filter over top of interactions, I really love that each of them is a new and intricate individual that I get to explore and understand before we start working together. So, if these people are so different, then why do we try to apply the same systems and platforms in such a regimented way. Let’s talk about blogs.

A blog is a piece of written work, typically 500-1000 words, where individual share their ideas and opinions about a concept. They have a featured image for the sake of sharing and social media, are connected through tags and categories and often provide companies with an advertising platform that doesn’t seem like it’s really advertising (see inbound methodology). That sound about right? Great, so we’re all agreed that a picture can’t be a blog post, right? It can’t just be a single sentence, right? A word? Doubting yourself? Don’t worry.

One of my clients was recently talking about how she had some neat ideas for the physical presentation of her blogs, now she just had to actually WRITE them. I responded and asked, “do you though?” There was laughter and lols and some funny emoticons. And then I suggested that I wasn’t really joking…not entirely anyways.

Plenty of people have decided to reinvent the way blogs work because for them, there was something different. Seth Godin thinks that long form posts are generally a waste of time so most of his posts are actually closer to micro-blogging, sort of a midway point between blogs and tweets, coming in anywhere from 50-200 words usually. I recently wrote my own piece about length in writing and how to get it right, but let’s go further. Why writing? If you’re an illustrator, why not simply posts of your process, or a picture that inspired you or a collection of doodles, or a daily pic. It’s YOUR platform. Do whatever you want with it. WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Oh god…this post isn’t at least 500 words in length. Search engines aren’t going to like it. I didn’t use headers. NOOOOOOOOOOO.