Today, I was sitting around doing a little bit of work and listening to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, something I like to do while I’m working, when I realized that I am as much of a problem as anyone else.

People are the worst.

I was listening to an episode and doing some work and then that episode ended and….nothing happened.

I was appalled. I mean, I’m listening to a show and when one episode ends, another should immediately begin, right?

Yeah. Here’s the thing.

We, as people, are terrible. We lack patience and have no idea what work is anymore. We talk about how we’re exhausted because we had to sit for a day. We talk about how awful it is that it took 15 seconds for a video to buffer.

Today, I was walking along after dropping my son off at school and I saw an 8 year old girl chatting on her phone as she walked to school. Now, I’m not going to suggest that this young girl is a terrible person. She looked very happy and maybe she was talking to her grandmother or her mom or her best friend in the whole world. She’s fine.

But it made me remember a different time in the world. Imagine this.

You go to the mall with your spouse and a kid or two. You all want to go to different places. 15 years ago, here’s what you did. You worked together, you made a plan, you set a time and a place that you’re going meet, and you went about your business.

Not today. Now we text and call people that are aisles away in the same store and are HORRIFIED if someone doesn’t text us back immediately.

Do you know what I had to do when that episode of that show didn’t automatically come on?

I had to tap. On the screen. That was right in front of me. Once.

And then a television program that (because of the Netflix model) it could be argued that I’m paying NOTHING for, continued on.

What do you expect? From the world. From your friends. From your family.

How annoyed do you get at simple, innocuous things that don’t go your way?

I’m going to let you think about that.