So, while I’m not watching a LOT of TV right now, I’m still watching some. Specifically, I’m watching David Chang’s Ugly Delicious, an 8 episode series where one of the world’s BEST chefs.

This morning, while listening to an episode about home cooking, I caught an amazing quote from David.

“How do you make a dish where you can’t see the seams?”

I almost dropped the dish I was washing.

I’ve been playing with all of these interesting ideas lately. I’ve been reading Gary Vaynerchuk and trying to understand the idea of growth, of learning and of the process.

I’ve been listening to podcasts about perfection and achieving it and why it’s important to not show the cracks in the visage.

And then David spoke.

And I’m listening.

For me, the idea is so incredibly important because it’s everything that I want to do and be.

We spend so much of our time trying to piece together these little pieces of ourselves, these vignettes about our who and what we are. Ask someone what they do these days? They probably can’t put it into one, easy to understand sentence, especially if they work for themselves.

I’m guilty of this myself.

I never know how to explain to people what I do. A couple of days ago I overheard someone say, “yeah…Mike’s a graphic designer.” And I’m not. But it’s hard to explain what I do to people because it often doesn’t break down into one simple idea.

And then David spoke.

The ability to make a dish and not see the seams is about David wanting to cook food that brings together different cultures and traditions without being able to see behind the curtain. You want to be able to say “this is my food” without saying, “it’s like this…but kind of this…and then…but also.”

I need to define what I want, better than I can right now.

“I want to help small and medium…. BLAH.”


“I want to help individuals develop the tools and techniques….BLAH.”

My goal, over the next several weeks, is going to be create something that I can be proud of, something that I can say;

“Here’s how I make a dish where you can’t see the seams?”