I was listening to my new favourite podcast, Changing The Narrative, and they were talking about how they would describe their plans and expectations for 2018 in one word.

They had some good words.




So I started thinking about what MY word would be for 2018.

The problem I have is that I’m all over the place.

Do I want to talk about my life as a father?

As a husband?

As a coach?

As a small business owner?

As a writer?

I’m dipping my toes into so many little lakes and puddles and rivers that I feel like I’m swimming even when barely getting wet.

So how in the hell can I come up with one word that speaks to EVERYTHING?

And the answer is…you can’t.

And so that’s my word.


There’s a great Shonda Rhimes TED Talk where she discusses her year of saying YES to everything. I loved this talk. But one of the things that a lot of people missed, I think, in that talk was that it was as much about saying no as it was about saying yes.

You see, in order to say yes to the things people want you to do, as well as the things YOU want to do, you need to say no to some things. You need to be purposefully and specifically unavailable.

And that’s what I’m striving for in 2018.


When my kids ask if I can play with them, I want to be able to say yes. And in order to say yes to that, I need to say no to any number of things.

Sadly, I probably have to say no to some unpaid projects that I would have liked to say yes to.

I love helping out where I can, supporting people that are trying to start or grow their businesses. But I also have to live something that we all say; my time is valuable.

My time is valuable and I have to start giving away less of my time.

I need to start respecting myself.

I need to start saying no to projects I am NOT interested in, even if the pay is there.

I need to start saying no to myself when I try to convince myself that I’m done or that something is good enough when I know it’s not.