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That Little Whirring Noise is Killing You | Really Little Wins
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My wife hates my Xbox. She doesn’t hate that I play it too much. She doesn’t hate the colour, or where it sits, or anything like that. My wife hates my Xbox because of its virtually imperceptible high-pitched whirring It’s hard to hear. For a long time I didn’t notice it. But it’s one of those noises that once you’ve heard it, you can’t un-hear it. Now, whenever my Xbox is running, it’s the only sound I can hear. So, here’s my solution; I don’t turn my Xbox on very often.

You’ve heard the story. Guy goes to a doctor because his finger hurts. He says, hey doc, every time I bend my finger like this it hurts. Doc says, stop bending your finger like that. The secret to finding happiness is to find that pain point, that whirring sound, whatever it is, and then eliminating it. Sounds easy. It’s not.

I love playing video games. My wife has been wondering for years when I’ll grow up and stop playing video games. I think she’s now come to terms with the fact that as long as I’m alive and people make video games, I’m going to be playing video games. I love my Xbox. It’s my favorite inanimate object in my home. So keeping it off all the time is not easy. But I’ve discovered a few things during the process.

First, I get a lot more work done with the Xbox off. When I’m not winning BCS national championships in NCAA Football 14, it turns out I can bill about 30% more time, write more, read more and build more. Second, I feel better with that noise not being there. Now, when it is there, it just pains me. So I leave the Xbox off. I feel genuinely better when that annoying little sound is gone.

So what’s the point? Well, in your life, there’s a tiny whirring sound. It might be a sound, or a sight, or a task, or a responsibility, or a person, or a job or something else. But everyone in the whole wide world ha a tiny whirring sound that annoys you. Maybe it’s the person who works at the desk beside you that doesn’t understand that when your headphones are plugged in, that’s not an ideal time to ask you what you’re up to this weekend. Maybe it’s the report that you have to fill out every week that seems to have no purpose other than to take 45 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. In every single person’s world there is a tiny whirring sound.

Eliminate it. Now. Right now. Before it kills you. And it will kill you. It will kill your productivity. It will have negative impacts on your health and your wellbeing. So find that little whirring noise and immediately destroy it. Seek it out like a missile and blow it out of the sky.

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