If I were to pick one word that defined my business style and in fact, probably my overall view on life, that word would be collaboration. I prefer team sports over individual sports, choirs over solo acts and I love a good symphony. This concept permeates both my personal and professional lives. I love everything there is about collaboration. I think it offers the most obvious challenges from a business perspective because it requires getting everyone on the same page but I also believe it offers the most extraordinary opportunities for success beyond all conceivable measure. I love working with people. 

As a leader, collaboration can be a daunting task. How do you ensure your vision makes its way through the consciousness of your team without stifling their own ideas? How do you ensure that your team carries out your plan and implements it close enough to the way you would. This is one of the reasons that some people hate to delegate. Delegation requires absolute trust or blind faith. Either one of those is a rarity. But occasionally something makes those things a little easier. This was my experience with an app called Collaborate.

The app is a neat idea. Like several similar apps, it’s designed to be a catch-all workspace for a team, allowing them to post, comment on and edit a variety of file types and act as a central repository. It did this incredibly well, the staff were incredibly helpful and amazingly upbeat and the app was a great help in me organizing my team.

And then they sold it.

Now, let’s start with this. Good for them. They sold their basic concept to Cisco. That’s great. I’m sure they did very well from it. However, I’m also a little annoyed, because they’re scrapping support for the existing app which includes the servers…where all your data is stored…which means the app is dead and so is anyone who was using it as their primary platform…like me.

Here’s what’s driving me a little nuts right now. Companies that startup literally so that they can sell off and shut down. Creating a user base who you then tell to go away is incredibly frustrating for people that use these things. I can assure you that when MY startup launches our app, we will continue to support and run our platform no matter what… unless they money is right.