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Services | Really Little Wins
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Find Out Who You Are

This is the starting point for all of my consulting work and it probably sounds pretty simple at first. The reason that it gets a little complicated is that people have a very hard time coming to terms with who they really are. We say we’re a team player…but we work better on our own. We say we’re motivated by our passion for our work…but we really just want the corner office.

None of this is about judgment. It’s about ensuring that we know ourselves beyond a couple of quirky words in an Instagram bio or the title on our business card.

Find Out What You Want

This sounds easy. Obviously we all very clearly know what we want. That’s why we hire a coach. We want to lose 25 lbs. We want a promotion. We want to be more organized at home. 

The problem is that we usually tie want we want together with a specific goal. What we need to do is uncover the motivation behind that goal. Why do you want to lose 25 lbs? Why do you want a promotion? Why do you want to be more organized at home? The answers to these questions often lead us to establish new goals that will lead to greater happiness.

Find Out Why You Don't Have It

This is one of the more painful and freeing aspects of this program. What we’re going to do through the course of our coaching is determine why you’re not doing the things you need to do in order to get the things you want and need. Now it may be that you don’t know what the things you need to do are because we haven’t established what you really want. But in 99% of cases, we are actively choosing our own unhappiness.

This process is about figuring out why we’re doing that and establishing strategies that will help us stop. 


TIme to get a shovel and start digging.

Over the course of our time together we will dig deep and establish what it is you really want and need, and how we can connect that with what you’re actually doing with your life. This is a process of exploration, discovery and acceptance. Once we’ve determined what we’re going to work towards, we will develop an active plan for achieving those things, focused on taking control of your day-to-day life. 

Why “Really Little Wins”?

Really Little Wins was not originally the name of my coaching program. I didn’t have a name for what I did until I began writing my book. Here’s what Really Little Wins is about. 

Really Little Wins refers to taking control and succeeding with the minutae of our lives, the little tiny obstacles that stack up like a wall in front of us. It’s about actively working through these small tasks in an effort to always be moving forward towards our goals.  The program itself is designed around identifying and dominating the simple, mundance, commons tasks that lead us towards achieving our larger goals..


One Time Consult

The one time consult is ideal for someone who has a good idea of what they’re trying to accomplish but are having a hard time establishing the how. It does not allow for an incredibly in-depth discovery but if you’re confident that you know what you want, this consult can help you establish the “how” of it all. 

This particular program does not come with a follow-up. Once we’ve dug in and established the plan, it’s up to you to get it done and if you need more help after that initial consult, it’s recommended that you convert to a monthly coaching program. 

A Year In The Life

This is a long term program designed to support you as you move through the goals and obstacles that are in your way. It essentially begins with the same concepts as the one time consult however we then provide you with the support and scaffolding to achieve the goals rather than just a static plan. 

This program includes regular communications filled with resources, weekly check-ins on the progress of the goals we’ve set and a monthly face-to-face session where we get into the obstacles that are standing in the way of success.

Organizational Review

Many businesses are great at doing what they do but fail to provide the support teams and individuals. Many small to medium sized businesses don’t have the time or ability to help their staff with career pathing and individual professional development. 

An organizational review will help us establish the same goals and processes that we have across our personal coaching plans but will also help align some of these personal goals with the goals of the organization as a whole. Essentially, we provide organizations with a way to super-charge their teams even if they don’t have the internal resources to do so.

Ok. I'm Ready

Are you?

Are you focused on making a change in your life?