Multi-tasking. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. As I write this I am watching season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix, watching Canada take on Switzerland in women’s Olympic hockey (PS Canada just scored) and obviously writing this blog. Multi-tasking is not for everyone. I get that. But personally, I love it. There is nothing that I love more than listening to Tim McGraw while I design a logo, or watching Dexter while I write a new post, or watching Canada move into the finals at the Olympics while I write a new post, update a website and work on the business plan for a new startup I’m helping get off the ground. Here are the tricks that I use.

First, you can’t read and write. I mean you can READ and you can WRITE, but you can’t do both of them at exactly the same time. I consider reading to be both visual and aural. This means that I do not believe you can concentrate on words you’re hearing or seeing while you’re trying to put your own words to “paper”. I don’t make that mistake. While I love to multi-task, I don’t do so by balancing things that are important to me or where I need to truly focus.

Second, I do not multi-task when clients are involved unless they are initiating the multi-tasking. I pick up my phone during a meeting for one reason; is my wife calling/texting about my child. Period. End of story. I don’t tweet, I don’t email, I don’t text unless they 100% have asked me to do so. Multi-tasking is about maximizing your potential and when you are dealing with a client, maximizing your potential is about creating. Growing and maintaining that relationship.

Third, connect things you love. Here’s what I mean. I’m watching a show I love while watching a game I love while writing about something I love. It’s the only way to do it. For example, what I don’t like to do is accounting. In fact, I hate accounting. Oddly enough it was my plan to be an accountant a long time ago. Life would have been very different. In any case, when I’m working on accounting, I don’t listen to music, I don’t watch a movie and I don’t listen to a podcast. I don’t do so because I can’t focus if I’m doing those things, I do so because I don’t want to taint those things. I don’t want to think about accounts receivable while I’m listening to Ke$ha (yes, I listen to Ke$ha. I don’t want to be see my bank account number every time I listen to The Nerdist podcast. When you’re doing something you don’t enjoy (and I hope you do so sparingly), just hunker down, do that one things and get ‘er done (did I mention I’m a hick?).

Final notes. House of Cards is an amazing show that makes me very uncomfortable, Canada is beating Switzerland 3-0 and this post is done.