I’m about to go on vacation.

It’s something that I do once or twice a year. I leave my wife and my children and I get on a plane and I head to our nation’s capital to spend a few days with my best friend and his family.

He has a daughter who is around the same age as my daughter and I love spending time with her. But I also love that I get to walk away from her at any time that I’d like.

My favourite thing to do when I’m on vacation?


“Wait. I thought you said you were on vacation?”

Sure. But it’s always a working vacation.

My favourite thing to do in the entire world is my work. I love building sites. I love writing content. I love strategizing.

At home, I have many distractions. I can do the dishes while I’m home. I can clean my room. I can have coffee with my friends. But at some point while I’m in Ottawa I will have some blocks of time where I am free from distraction. And that’s when I get my work done.

Meyers do I get the MOST work done? On the plane and in the airport.


Now this might all sound like I’m a workaholic.

I don’t know. Maybe I am.

I like to think of it as passion. We don’t call people runaholics. Or readaholics. But workaholics. We call people workaholics.

So I guess I’m a workaholic.

Here’s what I recommend.

Find something that you love to do so much that when you’re on vacation, you want to do it.

Am I going to have fun while I’m there? Absolutely.

But am I also going to write a bunch of content, work on some strategy pieces, probably record a few podcasts and (maybe) start working on my next book?

You bet.

Tomorrow, when you go to work, I want you to sit at your desk or in your chair or your office or whatever, I want you to ask yourself a really simple question.

”If you were on vacation, would you want to be doing any of this?”

If you can’t answer yes to that question, you’ve got some thinking to do.