The last couple of posts have been about the things that I’ve learned from my little monster, a 19 month old boy. The first lesson was that there was no such thing as no. Anyone who has a child understands that one. The second lesson was that there is always a way to get what you want, no matter what. If you’ve ever watched a 16 month old figure out how to climb onto a kitchen table, you’ve got that one locked down too. But today’s lesson is slightly more personal. Every child in the world, about something, is passionate beyond words. 

Have you ever seen a child laugh, uncontrollably, about something? If you haven’t, you need to make the time to do so. It truly is one of the most remarkable things you will ever witness. My favorite quote about it comes from a pretty unremarkable movie called Our Idiot Brother. If you haven’t seen it, probably don’t. But what does come from it are some remarkable quotes. Including this one;

“I wish I loved anything as much as he loved that dog”.

Sounds stupid right? It’s not. It’s awesome. What does it mean? It means that everyone wishes that they loved anything as much as the most simple beings on the planet (depending on your perspective) seem to love things.

Do you love what you do that much? Because you really should. Everyone should. Now, it’s probably true that not everyone can. There are lots of jobs that are seemingly necessary that are probably relatively difficult to become passionate about. That being said, I’ve known passionate custodians, passionate “sanitation engineers” and passionate fast food employees. It really is more about being passionate about what you do than doing something that its easy to be passionate about. But I digress.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong. If you’ve created your workplace and that workplace doesn’t fill you with an overwhelming passion to create and to grow and to flourish, then you have failed and need to reevaluate what you’re doing with your life.

Now IF, on the other hand, you’ve been able to bear witness in your personal and professional lives to the joy that is complete passion, then you’re on the right road. Now, staying on that road is not always easy. In fact, it’s often more difficult to stay passionate than to become passionate. It’s often easy to be distracted by forks in the road that don’t lead on the right direction. It requires a plan and it requires focus. And that’s hard to keep that focus.

So, what next? Well, you need to identify what you love and go after it with every ounce of your soul. And when you no longer feel like you can’t live without doing what you’re doing, stop doing it and do something different. This doesn’t mean just quit things if you don’t love them. It means to pursue things with your whole self. Until you’re willing to do that, you will be incapable of true success.

Now go google youtube videos of babies laughing. It’ll make your day.