There’s about a thousand ways to screw up the name of your app. Every day they figure out a new way. It never ceases to amaze me. Think of the apps that you really really like. Now think about their names. I know, it’s probably not something you’ve thought of before but I promise you that it’s something they thought about a lot before they named it. I recently read an article about some of the more prevalent and successful methods of naming things. But this isn’t an article about doing it right…

Photo Collage Maker Supreme for Facebook for iOS… Come on. You’re not even trying. Naming your app EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES, IN DETAIL, is lazy and lame. Put some thought into it. If your app name is longer than 3 words and contains specific references to exactly what it does, you’re no fun.

Picture-Framer… Thanks. Now I have to perfectly type in the name of your app in the search, INCLUDING your silly little hyphen. Really, you’re welcome to do this, assuming you’re just not that interested in having people get your app. It’s fine to mis-spell something on purpose (in fact, it’s common accepted practice right now) but when you do that, you’re doing something memorable. When you add a hyphen to your app name, you’re just being silly.

Anything Booth… I hate you. I have never, and will never, download an app whose sole purpose is to make me look like something I’m not. Now while this is in fact a condemnation of the app’s purpose rather than the app’s name, realize that even if you’ve created a really fantastic app that doesn’t make me look dead, or fat, or old, you can’t use the word booth because people will put your app in that category, and that’s not somewhere that you want to be.

Best Something… You know who doesn’t say they’re the best at something? The people who actually are. Sure, they might refer to the fact that they’ve been voted “best whatever”, but they don’t have the indecency to include it in their name. Example, Best Choice Chinese Food in Fairview? Not the best choice. Best Buy? Not usually. Best Western? If they’re referring to the sandwich, unlikely. If they’re not referring to the sandwich, well, I’m really not sure what they’re referring to, but I’m sure they’re no the best at it. Also, I’ve never been to a Best Western that WASN’T on the east coast, so that’s weird.

Anyways, when it comes time to name your app, don’t be lazy, don’t be lame and don’t be cocky.  Also, stop making apps that make people look old and fat. Unrelated. But important.