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This particular post is a little more on the theory side. But important nonetheless. The internet is a sad and terrifying place full of information that you probably didn’t want to know and unfortunately you’re never going to forget. Which is why it’s important to do two things. I’m really good at the first, and not always great at the second. But I’m trying.  And that’s really what the first part is all about; trying

There are a number of organizations, forged on the internet, whose sole purpose is to make things better. Groups like @smileHFX and @awesomeHalifax make it their purpose to just do good. Most of the content that I retweet or post on my own is content designed to inspire. I take the best of TED and 99u and make sure that people see it. These groups provide the inspiration to take your organization or your personal project to the next level.

Being positive is an absolute game changer. So many people use the internet; Twitter, Facebook and Blogs, as a outlet for negativity. But seeing that you can gain a following and have people interested in what you have to say even when you’re not using profanity laced tirades or jumping on a criticism bandwagon. It’s an original thought, filled with positivity that can catch fire. And in doing it this way, you take the moral high ground.

Now, for the second part. The bad part. Sometimes, I can’t help it. While I spend most of my time tweeting about great design principles, interesting business strategies and the occasional Justin Bieber video (that’s right, I’m proud to be a belieber) I occasionally fall prey to the hate. I can’t help myself. But the important part is that I’m trying. Trying is the first step to succeeding. Start trying to fix the world right now.