There are those that believe that the glass is half full. There are others that believe that the glass is half empty. I think both of those groups are dumb. I don’t know why we’re standing around arguing about glasses when there are more important things to do. I think that the glass is a glass. It holds liquid. It fills up. It empties. Occasionally you break one. And then you get another one. Stop philosophizing about things and get some work done.

Hilariously, had it been a teachable, philosophy would have been my minor. It might have even been my major had I not fallen in love with a few English professors. During my education degree, we were asked to write an educational revolution; a wholesale change that we would apply across the board to education. My educational revolution was to introduce philosophy to students at a much younger age and in fact that it should be the foundation of primary education. So why then have I climbed up onto this soapbox to argue against philosophy?

I think philosophy is a wonderful thing. But there are two kinds of philosophy. One kind talks about whether or not a tree, falling in an empty forest makes a sound and whether or not there is actually a giant pink elephant in the room and whether or not any of us know anything beyond, or even including whether we exist. That kind of philosophy is dumb, in my opinion. I don’t care in the least about THAT philosophy. I like logic. Logic tells me that it doesn’t matter what liquid is in a glass and how much there is. Logic tells me that I should be working.

There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic or positive. There’s also nothing wrong with being appropriately pessimistic. But the point is that thinking about whether or not things are going well or going poorly is an exercise in futility. Now, I’m also not suggesting that you shouldn’t pay attention to how things are going. But don’t work anecdotally. Use data. People seem totally afraid of data. Data is your friend. Data, when it really comes down to it, is the only thing you CAN trust. You can trust your gut on some things. You can trust your heart on some things. Assuming you HAPPEN to be right. But assuming you read it correctly, data doesn’t lie. You can MAKE data say different things but if sales are up 37%, sales are up 37%. It doesn’t matter if you think that’s a glass half full or glass half empty situation. Sales are up 37%. Have a drink.