I swear to God that the story I’m about to tell you is true. This actually happened to a friend. And not an anecdotal friend. A friend who sat on my couch and told me this story…that had happened to her…earlier that day. She showed me pictures. It’s a true story. This is the story of the $1800 kitten.

My friend’s cousin-in-law, (that’s a thing, right) who had recently moved to the city decided that she didn’t really know anyone and so getting a pet would be something that would occupy her time and company and would provide her with some companionship. So she decided to buy a kitten. She asked my friend if she would drive her out into the boonies and pick up the kitten with her. So she did. And when she got there, she told her that the cat cost $1800.

If I were to sell our car right now, a car that has served us well for almost 8 years, and someone offered me $1800, I’d laugh in their face and take their money. And our car is safety inspected…for the next 2 years. And you can ride it. To work. Or school. Or the mall. You can’t ride this cat to the mall. So I ask you, how much is that cat worth?

Please do not think that I do not LOVE animals. I’ve buried a hamster…with a ceremony and I loved my dogs with all my soul. But most products are a matter of supply and demand. And there is plenty of supply. As my friend told me this story I told her that I could walk out my front door and get 4 cats within 15 minutes. So, the supply is there. But it’s the demand that makes things worthwhile. Scarcity only works for things that people actually want. So what?

Well, I want you to BE the cat. When you’re thinking about your value, I want you to remember that people will pay $1800 for a kitten, a kitten which, I should mention, was in the emergency vet hospital within 24 hours of purchase. We are nervous to ask for what we believe we’re worth because we don’t REALLY believe that we’re worth it. Obviously, there’s a huge supply of people just like you, right? NO. There is NO ONE like you. There are pale imitations, unable to hold a candle to who you are. And that’s not even to speak of the demand.

You need to MAKE people demand you. That’s what this luxury kitten breeder did. He decided that his cats were worth $1800 a pop. He demanded what they were worth. He didn’t apologize for the price. He didn’t try to barter. His kittens are worth $1800 because he says so and you’re worth whatever you say you’re worth because you say so. Now, this of course assumes that you’re a rational human being. If you’re not, then proper pricing is the least of your concerns. BE the cat. YOU are worth $1800 if you say you are.