I don’t know what a lot of these words mean, but what I want to talk about are a couple of apps that, for me, are absolute necessities. Maybe it’s because they take something I love and make it easier, maybe it’s because they took something I didn’t even know I wanted to do and made it practical. Maybe they took something I always wanted to be able to do and made it possible. In any case, these apps are my every day, got to have, go to apps and I hope they can be for you as well.

Studio. This is probably the app that I use the absolute most right now. I use it almost every day and even better, I use it for a million different purposes. Let’s start with what the app actually does. Studio is an easy way to create interesting graphic design pieces or to add graphic design elements to existing photos or images. I use it for business and pleasure. On the pleasure front, I make a lot of pictures of my miniature human. Maybe I add in something funny that he said that day or something funny that I might have thought he was thinking at the time. From a business perspective, it’s the ability to become an amateur graphic designer. When I want to make an “ad” for lack for a better term, I use studio. When I want to highlight something that I’ve seen or help a local business out, I use Studio to create an image and then push that through the various social media platforms I use. Studio is where it’s at; your own personal design studio.

Fancy. I absolutely in every way hate to say it, but it’s almost that time of year. What time you ask? Christmas. Ugghh. I know. I hate me for suggesting it just as much as you do, but it’s true. Fancy is an app that takes a variety of sources of interesting products on the web and aggregates them into one awesome place. Fancy is THE place that I use to look for new things. It’s a poor man’s ThinkGeek… if that poor man were actually really wealthy and liked fancy shoes. From gadgets to fashion, Fancy lets you browse, tag and shop. Looking for something awesome? I reckon you’ll Fancy this app.

iMotion HD. So, this one is also fantastic. I am a BIG fan of stop motion animation. Big…fan… iMotion HD lets me make simple stop motion movies. With enough options to allow for either a hands on approach or a “you do it for me” method, iMotion HD lets me act like a pro despite the fact that I am, in every way, an amateur. If you have children, you’re going to LOVE using this app.

This is a small list. It’s not, by any stretch, meant to be all encompassing. It’s merely a couple of things I really like and I think you’ll like too. Enjoy.