As most of you probably know, I’ve recently taken the jump from “guy who provides a lot of people advice on a pretty regular business” to “life/business coach”. First, I hate the nomenclature. “Life coach” sounds so cheesy. I hate the term, but I love the work. Helping people achieve their goals; seeing people succeed is such an incredible feeling when you know that you’ve had a hand in it. And over time, you start to see some pretty obvious patterns in people’s lives. Right now, I’m going to talk about two; goal setting and habits.

I recently had a talk with an incredibly talented young artist who was struggling with prioritization. She would start one task but not be sure if that was the right thing to do at that moment. Maybe there was another task that was more important right now… no… that first thing was the most important task…for sure… or maybe this third thing.

Don’t Prioritize

First things first; when everything is an emergency, nothing is an emergency. Prioritizing your to do list might seem like a really good idea but in most cases we end up with 3 huge tasks that we have no idea how to complete in a given day. At the end of the day, nothing is checked off and we feel like we have accomplished nothing. It’s a bummer.

I don’t prioritize anything. SURE, some things have due dates and they need to get done by that date, but I don’t put things in a given order. Instead, I write down my whole list (and they’re long lists…I’ll explain that in a later post) and then I scan it. SOMETHING will catch my eye, and that’s where I start. I can start a new task when I’m done THAT task. Until then, that’s all there is. How can I be so sure that something will jump out at you? Experience.

Have you ever tried to pick a restaurant with friends?

“Ok, I’ll name three restaurants and you pick one of those and that’s where we’ll go.”


“The Old Triangle, Mexi’s, Your Father’s Mustache.”


“I don’t really want to go to Mexi’s.”

“Ok…….The Old Triangle..”

“Let’s go to The Mustache.”

The other day I went to, a website I use when I can’t make a decision and basically asked it to do a random heads or tails to decide if I was going to watch Ant Man or The Book of Eli on Netflix. It picked Ant Man…I watched The Book of Eli.

You have a favorite. There’s one choice that speaks to you more than other choices. Deep down, you know it and when it comes time to choose, you’ll choose your favorite. But then how do you deal with the fact that you’ll probably just pick all the things that you want to do and avoid the things you don’t want to do? BEHOLD. THE SECOND THING.

Just Keep Winning…Just Keep Winning

Winning is a habit. Repeat after me. Winning is a habit. Say it again. Winning is a habit. This is true in football, darts and personal and professional goals. Once you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll. So it’s fine to pick the fun, cool things that you WANT to do because accomplishing them will give you the momentum to get through the things that you don’t really feel like doing.

Now, go do something that you WANT to do…tick it off the list and keep on trucking.