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I’m looking forward to speaking at the upcoming  It’s All Social conference, Thursday June 20th in Truro, NS (website). I’ve been asked to speak about using iPhones, and to a lesser extent iPads, in a mobile business environment. I thought that I might take this opportunity to talk, in very loose terms, about the topic of my presentation: avoiding work.

Ok, well not avoiding work. I’m not talking about becoming an ostrich, sticking your head in the sand, avoiding your responsibilities and sitting on the deck with your favorite hot or cold beverage… as great as that sounds. No, I’m talking about avoiding being stuck in an office or at a desk. I’m talking about working 9-5, Monday to Friday. I’m talking about letting your schedule dictate where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing rather than you taking control of your “work day”.

I am an incredibly lucky man. In addition to having a successful business that allows me to (usually) do exactly what I want to do, I also am a full time stay at home dad for an amazingly active and quirky 18 month old boy. For most people a job is about money. Whether you’re the owner or just a worker, the point of your work is always about making money. It’s about maximizing profit. That’s just not how I do things. For me, with my situation, the primary goal of my business is to create time. I want to make money as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to allow me to enjoy life with my family. So I go mobile.

I’ve closed a deal while in a lineup at Sobeys buying avocados. I’ve “signed” a contract and sent it off to a client while feeding the ducks at the Public Gardens. I’ve completed sent an important file to a client while running a 10k and I’ve written, published and promoted a new blog article while sitting in the car as my little man naps. Every single activity that I carry out is designed to allow me to minimize the time that I have to spend away from my son and my wife.

This is not for everyone. Maybe you work a job that does not allow for this. Some don’t. And that’s sad to me. But some do and we just don’t see it. I’ve talked to a lot of people (my wife included until I convinced her otherwise) who always tell me the same thing, primarily about email; “I don’t want to take my work with me. When I’m on vacation, I want to BE ON VACATION”. Cool. That sounds great. But what if every Friday could be vacation? What if you could work 1-6 instead of 9-5, or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday instead of Monday to Friday? This to me is the point of mobile business. Mobile business is about taking the tools that are around you (and they’re all around you) to fundamentally change the way you work and more importantly, the way you live.

P.S. I wrote this blog on my iPad while I watched the hockey game and then posted it using the same iPad. I don’t work 9-5