I’ll start by telling you that I’m not going to tell you what apps I’m talking about in this article. I don’t like them, but use some of them regularly because I don’t necessarily have another option. Why am I not going to tell you what apps they are. A couple reasons. First, this piece is not about what apps are good and which apps are bad. Second, complaining about things is a pretty colossal waste of time. Rather than complaining about specific companies or apps, I will instead tell you what drives me crazy about apps; when they are fundamentally broken.
Half assed appears to be, among developers, a way of life. Now, I understand when there are issues, bugs you need to fix. I understand that Apple updates their os and that this can actually cause issues with your app. I get it. But when an issue is brought to your attention that makes your app virtually unusable in the manner that you advertise it, I don’t want a workaround. I want to hear the following, verbatim, every time “we’ve submitted an update to Apple”.

If, instead, you give me a workaround, we’re done. I have no interest in fixing your app. That’s not your job. That’s your job. I downloaded your app to make my life easier, not to complicate things. Don’t tell me to go into X in my settings and change Y and Z and then try again (PS it didn’t work. Try again). Here’s what I want. Write it down. “we’ve submitted an update to Apple”. If you had the money to build this app, spend the money to keep it up. Especially when you charge people for an “update” as though it were a brand new app.

The lesson? Spend the time (and the money) to do right by your customers. Half assed is a hell of a way to go from hero to zero.