My wife and I LOVE nachos. Love. We use some kind of non-dairy cheese that I believe to be made from leaves and/or nuts or some other thing and it’s actually surprisingly tasty. The issue is not with the chips, or the cheese, or the meat (or lack thereof as my wife is a vegan), the issue is with the salsa. I like chunky with a little bit of heat. My wife likes smooth and incredibly bland. There is no reconciling our disparate views on salsa.

This is not unlike a whole host of issues upon which my wife and I disagree and probably not unlike some of the struggles that you will go through if you are part of a business partnership or team. Some like to go very high tech, some people like ACTUAL paperwork. Some people want to work hands on, some people want to work remotely. Some people micro-manage, some people over-delegate. There are literally a million different strategies you can take for running your business. So, which ones the best?

Well, none of them…and all of them. It’s not about right vs wrong, it’s about balance. How did my wife and I solve the salsa dilemma? Simple. Sometimes we get chunky, sometimes we get smooth. (We usually get smooth). Sometimes we get hot, sometimes we get mild. (We usually get mild). Often we get medium. Often, people are too worked up about being right rather than being successful. It’s hard to admit that you don’t have all the answers and it’s also IMPOSSIBLE to actually see something from another persons point of view.

I once got in a “discussion” with my wife about something that she was sure of and I was sure of and the tipping point of the “discussion” was when she asked me, “are you so sure that you’re right that you can’t imagine the possibility that you’re wrong?” My answer, following a ton of laughter was, no. I couldn’t. It did not compute. But then I started thinking about it. Had I ever been wrong about something? Once or twice. Well, was I sure I was right those times? Yes. Then how could I possibly think that it was impossible for me to be wrong this time.

When you ask yourself those questions and you come up with the right answers, you’re ready to understand that compromise is at the heart of every interaction between you and another person. No one EVER is exactly on the same page. I recently listened to Bill Hader on a podcast talking about the Saturday Night Live writer’s room and he said that there was one guy who, if you came up with an idea, would say , “I love it. I love it. It’s perfect. But what if…” and then would go in an entirely different direction that had nothing to do with the original idea. There is always a middle ground.

Finding that middle ground is the key to making business work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chunky fan or a smooth fan. What matter is that you want nachos. Make it happen.