This isn’t the first time that I’ve made this point.

Last time that I wrote about this, it was in a much longer format. I wrote a short book on my own persona vision of networking. It was my manifesto. It defined how and why I connected with the people I connected with.

This idea has fundamentally changed the way that I choose projects and the way that I pursue professional (and sometimes personal) relationships.

Who I choose to work with is determined by a very simple question that I ask myself.

Is this someone I want to spend my time with?

It’s not just about the project. Although I love a good project.

It’s not about the pay. Although I do like a nice paycheque.

I ask myself this question every single time that I even remotely consider taking on a new pet project (something I do far too often) or building upon my existing network (something I probably don’t do enough).

Is this someone I want to spend my time with?

The question must be independent of money or time or skill or anything. Rather, the question must be asked and the question must be answered.

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting with someone that I respect and admire greatly to talk about a project that could be as small as a simple web build or as dramatic as a life altering experience. Tomorrow might mean that my life is forever changed.

Or, it might not. And I don’t care.

The point of tomorrow is that I get to sit across the table from someone that I think is doing all the right things for all the right reasons. If it turns out that we don’t end up working together, that’s fine. If it turns out that we end up building this big thing that I have laid out in my head, that’s fine too.

I’ll be honest. It doesn’t matter which one of those it is.

The point is not that we launch a project or that we get paid or that we do the damned thing.

Those are the side effects. They’re the symptoms. They’re the results.

The big deal? Just sitting across from this creative juggernaut whose work I love and seeing if the two of us can get on the same wavelength.

The point is, can we be a part of the same superhero squad.