If you had have asked me…well…ever..if I would use an Ace of Base lyric in a professional blog post, I would have said no way.

But here we are.

Today I had a really great meeting with a young man who is in the midst of trying to get a new company off the ground. We talked a lot about the issues that the business was facing, in its infancy, that might preclude it from growing moving forward.

It was an interesting conversation in that the business is incredibly innovative and cutting edge and, I think, has a chance to really revolutionize an industry. It is a disruptor and those don’t happen nearly as often as someone uses the word to describe their business.

My focus in the conversation was, “what’s next?”

His conversation in the conversation was, “here’s what happened.”

Here’s the thing.

What happened has no bearing on what is happening. And it’s hard to wrap our heads around that.

But remember;

Don’t Turn Around.

The past will cripple you.

Now I’m not saying to ignore that bad things have happened but rather I want to make clear that the path out is always forward.

This is not to say that you don’t need to be conscious of the things YOU need to change; things that have come to pass that you need to address. But instead you need to think about whether or not there is something back there that can help you ahead of you.

In the case of this business, we were talking about a toxic relationship. We were discussing things that had been happening and it took a lot of effort to keep him focused on what to do next.

Don’t Turn Around.

There’s an interesting thing about that particular line. Obviously it has very different connotations in the song, but I look at it like this.

You can look behind you…as long as you’re still moving forward. You just can’t turn around.

You can’t change the past (until someone invents the technology that disrupts that) so all you can do is read and react.

If someone does you wrong, move along.

Do the next thing right.

Don’t Turn Around.