Online is a really big place. Sometimes you’re talking to someone that you think is an absolute superstar and you find out that they’re a 13 year old boy who’s really into Sailor Moon, sometimes you’re talking to someone that you think is a professor of physics at Harvard only to find out that’s just one of their personalities. And sometimes you tell someone a story only to find out that it’s actually their story. 
Enter GoldieBlox. It’s an amazing company that’s trying to bring science, specifically engineering, to the forefront of the female adolescent experience through some really cool toys. Recently they were front and center in the media due to a bit of a run in with The Beastie Boys. Basically, they parodied the song “Girls” and The Beastie Boys felt it was infringement of copyright law. Luckily, and this is not a common thing, both parties were able to check their egos at the door and get it resolved without any craziness and all was well. 

I loved the video which shows a collection of Rube Goldberg machines being used by a few young girls as they sang their own version of the song. It is an inspiring video that really got me thinking about how I wanted to raise my son and (depending on the gender of my impending second miniature human) my daughter, from a play perspective. In any case, it’s great. There was a specific twitter user that I thought, based on their feed and previous conversations, would find the whole story rather exciting. So I sent a message to Kaye Toal (@ohkayewhatever on twitter) letting her know about the neat video and even neater product. Here’s the issue. Kaye Toal works for GoldieBlox.

Now, I’d said nothing wrong, nothing offensive and nothing derisive about what I had to say. I literally thought she would be interested. And to be fair, I guess she was. But the lesson is that you don’t know who you’re talking to. So, when you’re out roaming the wild west of the internet, try not to be a jerk. You may be talking to someone important. Like Kaye. Who, by the way, you should follow, as she is funny and smart and awesome and works for a really fantastic company.