It was a moment of inspiration.

I’ve been trying to figure out, for a while, what grandiose project I wanted to take on for 2018.

Last year it was write a book. Done.

Last year it was lose some weight. In progress.

And so I’ve been trying to figure out what to tackle for 2018 when something struck me.

There’s a scene on Finding Forrester where Sean Connery’s character is explaining to F Murray Abraham’s character that he lent some of his words to rob brown until he found his own.
And so I borrowed something.

I’ve always been struck by the work of Dave Culligan. Dave is a local videographer who just launched his very first company, thr33sixfive.

Dave previously took on a project where he committed to 1 minute of video, every day for 365 days. This year, he’s doing something very similar. He’s posting content about body, brain and business every day for 365 days.

First, I’m in awe. For anyone who has ever been involved in content creation, it’s not easy to be that prolific. But Dave nailed it. So I thought, why not me.

I thought about launching a podcast episode a day for 365 days and then realized my producer would murder me.

So that wasn’t going to work.

But I do love to write…

So I decided on a simple goal.

365 for 365.

This year I’m committing to releasing a blog, at least 365 words in length, every day.

365 for 365.

But this won’t just be incoherent ramblings. I mean. At least not on purpose.

Instead, I’m going to bring 365 days of value.

I’m going to bring into the world 365 pieces of content, each of wish will be designed to do one or some or all of the following things;

  • Solve a problem
  • Disrupt your thinking
  • Introduce a new challenge

And I’ve set a second rule for myself, one that runs contrary to everything that I teach about blogging.

I can’t write anything in advance.

Every single piece of content will be written AND published on the day that I write it.

I hope you follow along in 2018.

I hope this helps.

I think it will.

Thank you.