I sat down tonight (well, last night now) and had absolutely no idea what I was going to write. Having written a novel, I understood all to well that what I was suffering from was a writer’s block. It is dreaded, it is common, it is indescribable. And here it was. So I thought, maybe I will get inspired by listening to some Dan Millman (probably my favorite writer). It turns out that I was right. I remembered something that I had learned from him while doing his Peaceful Warrior workout routine. He said something that changed my life and hopefully now it will change yours. Ready? Here’s goes.

Once you do something for 21 straight days, it is a habit and it will take more effort for you to break that habit than it will to continue it. It sounds a little crazy but my experience has been that he’s right. Take, for example, my blog. A while back, when someone I know posted a list of blogs you should follow and I wasn’t on that list, I enquired why, half joking. I was told that I didn’t blog often enough. And they were right. So I went on a tear. I didn’t hit 21 straight days but I have hit three straight weeks of blogging a minimum of four times in a five day workweek. So, three weeks is….21 days.

It would have been very easy to not write tonight. Very. I was watching Moneyball, I was working on a website, I wanted to do some work on a new app, I wanted to sleep and there was the off chance I might get to spend some time with my wife. But I’ve reached that habit formation time. I knew that if I didn’t write tonight, circumstances may stop me from writing tomorrow and I would break my habit. And I didn’t want to do that. So I wrote, about being unable to write, but writing anyways. And I think it turned out to be the right decision, right?

PS I would really recommend the following books by Dan Millman;
The Way of The Peaceful Warrior
The Sacred Journey of The Peaceful Warrior
The Journey of Socrates
No Ordinary Moments
The Laws of The Spirit
Body Mind Mastery

I would not recommend the following book by Dan Millman;
The Life You Were Born To Live